Pets on Death Sentence

An effort to raise awareness and encourage adoption, one shelter pet at a time.

Because the number of pets being brought into animal shelters every month is much larger than the number of pets who get adopted, many animals have to compete with one another for a place in the shelter and their right to live.

How do you make people feel connected to the cause, and share with them the responsibility to help the shelter pets?

Shelter pets that are not up for adoption can be compared to death sentence subjects, who do not have much choice in deciding their own fate and are just waiting for the end to come. Working together with SPCA, ‘Pets on Death Sentence’ is a campaign that documents the life and death of those shelter pets, along with a timer countdown to the moment they will be put to sleep.

Along with the countdown, the public will be presented with 4 choices to make : to save the pet by opting for an adoption, to help maintain the pet’s livelihood by making a donation, to prolong the pet’s life by sharing the awareness, or to let the pet die by doing nothing.

This is a proposal campaign done during my stint with Kinetic Singapore, but did not actually run.

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